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Rental conditions

House/ booking rules & requirements. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO

Villa Bonita is rented as self-catering. A starter pack of essentials is provided for each booking, (e.g. toilet paper, refuse sacks, dishwasher tabs) but guests are liable for providing replenishments.

Note; under the rental agreement only those named and registered are entitled to be on the property at any time.  No extra guests are permitted. (Guest list is required) Contact details of ALL guests must be provided to home owner prior to travelling.

The house is a private residence and cannot be used for illegal purposes.

The following are also not allowed on the entire property under any circumstances; Parties, functions, weddings, or receptions.

An absolute and irrevocable condition of booking, if breached, will lead to instant removal from the home without refund.

The management reserves the right to enter the premises at any time during your occupancy to resolve any safety, security or maintenance issues or in response to a disturbance. However other than exceptional circumstances access will always be by arrangement.

Whenever possible valuables should be deposited in the safe provided.

Further explanations that you must read and agree to.

To reserve your date, an initial payment of 25% is required. 
You will receive a confirmation number and arrival information.
The remaining balance is due no later than 10 weeks (70 days) prior to arrival date. Short notice bookings less than 10 weeks out require payment in full. 
All booking is made through our automated secure booking engine.
Payment is only by credit card or PayPal and we accept Visa, Master Card and American express through our secure booking engine. 
Any cancellations must be made  by email -Deposits are non refundable -Cancellations refunds are as per the scale below.Time before booking and  amount charged for cancellation:
8 weeks = Deposit + 25% of balance // 6 weeks = Deposit + 50% of balance // 4 weeks = Deposit +80 % of balance
//2 weeks = Deposit + 100% of balance // 1 week = Deposit + 100% of balance 

The maximum capacity of the house, based on the sleeping capacity, is 8 adult / children and 2 babies/toddlers. We do not have facilities for larger groups.

Lead Guest:

The lead guest is the person that the contract is agreed with and the source of communications. The lead guest is responsible for the group adhering to the rental conditions. Any disputes arising from the occupancy will be conducted with the lead guest.

Our homes are NO SMOKING zones. Tobacco smoke odours lingers in fabrics, furniture, and carpeting long after the offender has left the premises. If such an event occurs, the expense to have the home professionally cleaned will be deducted from your security deposit or we will make a claim on the lead guest as it will not be covered by your accidental damage waiver policy.

All homes are clean upon guest arrival and as a courtesy to us and future guests, please try to leave the home in a reasonable order and state of cleanliness.

Reasonable order suggests the following: dishes placed in dishwasher, trash taken out to council provided bins and beds stripped down.

Please be sure to turn off all appliances and lights, make sure windows and doors are locked and secure the home. If home is not in reasonable order upon departure, an additional charge may be deducted from your security deposit we will  be within our rights to make a claim on the lead guest.

Sorry, we also cannot accommodate pets in our home.

Villa Bonita is self-catering holiday home rental. Any guest issues or equipment malfunctioning must be reported to our local management company immediately to facilitate a speedy resolution

Villa Bonita is a family orientated vacation rental. Loud disturbances that result in complaints being called in to the local police by neighbouring properties are not tolerated here and will result in ejection without refund. Please fully understand our position and policy before you book so that there will be no misunderstandings later.

We strongly advise that all guests are covered by adequate travel insurance. 
Personal Safety
The Owners cannot accept any liability for your personal safety during your residency of the house. Guests are reminded to exercise care as to the personal safety of themselves and all party members.

Food and drink consumption;

Please use the designated areas only (we have provided a lot of dining areas). To avoid mishaps do not bring food or open containers of drink to the bedrooms, with the exception of bottled water. You will be charged for any resulting stained carpeting or bedding or pest control services.


Please follow the instruction provided in your guest manual for disposal of your trash, Vilamoura operate a very successful trash collection system, including recycling.

Please adhere to rules, do not have trash overflowing from the bins as wild animals will be encouraged and may result in the Council issuing fines against the home, which will be passed on to you.

If you have an overflow situation in Kitchen refuse or in packaging, please use the free of charge, trash Depository located at the end of The Street.

Portugal has a hot climate and some insects and small creatures are inevitable and are not a cause for complaint. Their presence is no reflection on the cleanliness of the property. The home is treated regularly as part of a pest  control program. 
Do not splat bugs on the wall or furniture as it is unhygienic and not very pleasant for future guests.

It is vital that all external doors and windows are kept shut at all times, not only will this help to keep bugs from the property, but it will also enable the air conditioning unit to function more efficiently.

Explanation of pool heat; for your convenience and comfort we have installed two systems of pool heat.

1) Solar, this is always on and is complementary.

2) Electric heat exchange. This is an optional extra, and chargeable. (Recommended from October to April)

If you choose to have the pool heated by electric heat exchange, you only need to advise the host of your request. (or book add on at time of booking)

Should you wish to request this service after you have completed the booking through our booking engine,  the host will invite you to pay via a separate PayPal request.

Notes on chargeable extras;

Electric Pool Heat is additional service offered by the homeowner for your enjoyment at a set price. However, machines can and do break down. In the event that the pool heater fails during your visit, every reasonable effort will be made to have it repaired in a timely manner. Neither the owner nor the management company can be held responsible if for reasons beyond their control, heating cannot be restored promptly. If it is not possible to have a repair completed, then a refund will be made to the guest for the time that the pool heater was inoperable, but without interest and/or other compensation or liability for loss.

If the pool heat has been provided gratis, - free or on special offer. Only the daily value of the pool heat rental (if considered applicable by the host) may not be considered refundable.

Standard Equipment

In the event of any regular standard equipment (e.g. cooker, air-con, washing machine, refrigerator, or any electrical appliance or game) malfunctioning, the owners or management company shall not be held responsible for any monetary refunds or compensation for the non-operational period due to repair or replacement or its consequences.

The failure of any of the above described standard equipment and or pool heat, is not and will not be grounds for instituting chargeback on guest’s method of payment, either through Credit card or PayPal. It will also not be grounds for claims for refund from Travel agent Company.  By continuing with the booking you are accepting these terms in their entirety.

By continuing with this booking you are accepting the above rules in their entirety.

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